A member of the Club in good standing is required to sponsor parties held at Greenville Country Club.  In order to confirm the reservation of the date and location of the event, a non-refundable deposit  is required. Final payment is due fourteen (14)  days prior to event date in the form of cash, check, or money order made payable to Greenville Country Club.

Guarantees for private functions are to be submitted to the Catering office by 12:00 noon, (3) business days in advance.  This number shall constitute a guarantee, not subject to a reduction and charges will be made accordingly. Charges will be based on the final guarantee count or the actual attendance - whichever is greater
A Food and Beverage spending minimum of $18,000.00 is required for Saturday evening functions held May through October is required.  No food may be brought into or removed from our premises

All prices shown subject are to a twenty percent (20%) service charge.

In compliance with State law, no one under 21 years of age will be served any alcoholic beverages.  Guests in violation of this law may be asked to leave the premises. The Host agrees to be responsible to inform their guests of this policy and to appropriately police the conduct of their guests. The Club reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. No alcoholic beverages will be served after 12:00 am. “Shots” of alcohol or “shooters” is not permitted for any function.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Clubhouse, nor is it permitted inside any other building on Club premises.  Smoking is not permitted at outdoor dining areas, such as the Terrace, the Patio or the Pool.  Smoking is permitted at one or more outdoor locations to be determined by management. 

Due to consideration of location within a residential area, under local ordinances, all amplified bands or DJs music held outdoors must end by 10:30 pm. If the sound from musical groups, entertainment or public address systems creates a disturbance, the Club reserves the right to control the volume.

All decorations must be approved by the Catering Director and must comply with Fire Department Regulations.  The use of tacks, nails, paint, staples or any other means, which will deface or damage Club property, is NOT permitted.