Paddle Information

We are very excited to offer many activities in paddle to all levels and ages. Men's Round Robins, Ladies Round Robins, 6 Men's Teams, 5 Ladies Teams, Practices, Social Events, Junior Clinics and more. Members can look up events on the on line reservation system or by contacting our Director of Paddle, Adam Lefkandinos at [email protected].
Paddles are available to Demo and purchase in the Paddle Hut.

Late in October 1928, when the tennis season was coming to an end in Scarsdale, N.Y., two enthusiasts of the game decided that if they built a wooden platform they could get up out of the mud and have some fun during the winter months.  Incorporating elements from other net sports, and adding a few innovations of their own, James Cogswell and Fessenden Blanchard began playing platform tennis.  At first the back wire backstop was to prevent balls from rolling too far away.  Legend has it that one time the ball got stuck in the back screen.  One of the players went behind the screen and while hitting it said “still in play”.  Soon afterwards the wires were tightened and playing off the wires was integral part of the game.  By the mid 1970’s players were playing on aluminum decks with heaters under the court and using aluminum and fiberglass paddles that replaced the heavier wooden ones.
1935         First APTA Nationals were held at the Fox Meadow Tennis Club.
1963       The APTA officially replaces the white ball with an orange-red ball.
1969       The APTA issues its first official “Newsletter”.
1973       The Nationals were held in Cleveland, the first time not at Fox Meadow.
1974       The APTA opens an official office, appoints a full-time Executive Secretary
              Yellow balls are introduced, and the first rules book was published.
1975       Tribuno Wines sponsored the first men’s circuit.
1976       Pro Keds sponsored a $20,000 eight- team event on the streets of New York City.
1977       The APTA schedule lists more than 100 events for the season, including the 
              Passport Scotch Tour.
1978       Hertz sponsored the first President’s Cup tour for the non-pro players.
1980’s    American Express and Merrill Lynch sponsored tournaments.
1992         Lineal Group sponsored a $20,000 tour.

Carl and Ruth Kaufmann (Sandra Battaglia’s parents) brought platform tennis to Greenville.  Ruth was familiar with the game having grown up in Westchester County New York where the game originated and actually had a court at her house.  When an old court became available from an estate on Barley Mill Road the club was able to obtain it for just the cost of removal (early 1970’s).  Although it turned out that the cost of reconstructing the court was probably more than the cost of a new wooden court of $4000-$5000 it got Greenville started.  The court was located near the greenhouse because it was deemed too ugly to be placed elsewhere.  An exhibition was held by nationally ranked players who showed the club members how the game should be played and it wasn’t long before the members were hooked.  A second court was installed which really helped the paddle program. Shortly thereafter paddle courts popped up at Vicmead and Wilmington CC.  In the mid 1990’s the paddle hut was expanded and a third court was built.  Over the past few years a fourth court was obtained, improved lighting was installed and the new paddle hut was built.


As a side note Carl Kaufmann was a club founder in 1961.